Saturday, July 18, 2009

Name: My Sister's Keeper

Author: Jodi Piccoult

Brief summary: Anna is tired. Tired of living for her sister. She was concieved as a perfect genetic match for her sister, who has been sick with Leukemia since a very young age. Anna makes a choice that will tear her family apart, more than it already is. She decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body.

Grade/Age level: 14 and up, maybe older, maybe a little younger. My sister was thirteen when she read it, but she's a very mature thirteen year old.

Cautions: You should have caution to the whole book. This book, as wonderful as it is, is very disturbing.

If you like this book, you will also like… I've found that Jodi Piccoult is very much the female version of Nicholas Sparks, so anything by Nicholas Sparks. I highly recommend a Bend in the Road or a Walk to Remember.

Personal Opinion: This book is one of the saddest, but one of the most amazing books I have ever read. Anna's personality is great, she reminds me so much of my younger sister. :D

Rating: 10/10


Minni-Mo said...

This book looks really good. Does it have any innuendos in it that are problematic? Like, I know what it's about and I really want to read it but I need to make sure it's "clean" before I bring it into my house :) Thanks!

The Other Katie said...

Mom won't let me read it. X(